The Rightful Owners of the Earth | A Farmer’s Dedication

The age-old question of who the rightful owner of the Earth is has lingered in the mind of D. Saravanan since his childhood. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, India, as the son of a humble farmer, Saravanan embarked on a remarkable journey to find answers amid the challenges of vanishing trees and drying lands in his village.

Saravanan’s Transformation

In 1994, Saravanan took a bold step by initiating the planting of indigenous tree species. Over the next 30 years, he transformed a vast desert land into a flourishing green forest. What was once barren is now a thriving ecosystem spanning 100 acres, known as “Aranya” in Tamil Nadu. This forest is home to over 700 plant species, 240 bird species, and serves as a sanctuary for endangered animals.

The Earth’s Rightful Owner: Future Generations

Saravanan’s conviction is clear: humans don’t own the Earth; it belongs to future generations. His dedication serves as an inspiration for initiatives like Oasis Park, where the commitment to a greener future is unwavering.

Oasis Park’s Global Mission

Oasis Park, in collaboration with O! Millionaire, is on a global mission to plant 60 million trees in desert areas worldwide. It aims to combat global warming and climate change. As part of this mission, 500 trees are planted in India every week, with plans to expand to various desert regions globally.

Support the Mission with O! Millionaire Green Certificate

Individuals can actively contribute to this impactful mission by supporting Oasis Park through the O! Millionaire Green Certificate. For as little as 6 US dollars, anyone can play a role in making a difference. The Green Certificate not only supports environmental initiatives but also provides participants with the chance to win exciting prizes through O! Millionaire draws.

Three Steps to Help the Earth through O! Millionaire

O! Millionaire Support on Socials

Engage with O! Millionaire on social media platforms to stay informed about environmental initiatives, tree planting activities, and upcoming events. By sharing and participating in discussions, individuals contribute to raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

O! Millionaire: World’s First Green Draw

Participate in the world’s First Green Draw, a weekly draw that offers exciting prizes. By purchasing a Green Certificate, participants not only enter the draw but also support the planting of trees. This initiative aligns with the goal of creating a greener reality for future generations.

O! Millionaire Shop

Explore the O! Millionaire Shop, where eco-friendly products and merchandise are available. By making sustainable choices and purchasing from the shop, individuals contribute to the overall mission of environmental conservation.


In conclusion, the rightful owner of the Earth is not a single entity but a responsibility shared by all. Saravanan’s journey and Oasis Park’s mission exemplify the power of collective action. Through O! Millionaire, individuals have the opportunity to actively participate in creating a sustainable and green future. One Green Certificate at a time, we can make a lasting impact on the health of our planet for the benefit of generations to come.


  1. Hats off to O! millionaire and Oasis park mission.

  2. Thanks, Oasis Park, for your dedication to sustainability and tree-planting initiatives.

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