O! Millionaire and Oasis Park Join Forces for the Clean UAE Initiative

Clean UAE - Oasis Park


In a remarkable collaboration, O! Millionaire and Oasis Park have joined forces to support the Clean UAE initiative, a project led by the Emirates Environmental Group. This initiative marks a significant step in their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Heart of Clean UAE

During a key event, Maradona Rebello, host and Brand Ambassador of O! Millionaire, and Ralph Martin of Oasis Park discussed this crucial mission. The initiative is centered on cleaning and waste collection in desert regions within the seven emirates, vital for a cleaner ecosystem. Considering the goal of Oasis Park to conduct afforestation strategies, the first steps should include making the areas clean. Remarkably, children also participated as volunteers, embodying a message of global environmental responsibility and hope.

Clean UAE - Oasis Park

Commitment to Environmental Transformation

As Oasis Park’s proud sponsor, O! Millionaire is deeply committed to this cause. Together, the two entities share the ambitious goal of transforming deserts into lush, green forests. This collaboration begins with promoting environmental cleanliness as a crucial step towards sustainability. Here are some steps to replicate this Clean UAE program globally.

Step 1: Collaborating with Local Organizations

To replicate such a program, begin by partnering with local environmental groups or NGOs. This collaboration provides essential resources, support, and expertise needed to successfully launch and sustain environmental initiatives.

Step 2: Identifying Key Areas for Cleanup

The next step involves finding areas in your community that are most in need of environmental care. Focusing on these key locations ensures that cleanup efforts have the most significant and immediate impact.

Step 3: Mobilizing Community Volunteers

Engaging the community, especially the youth, is crucial. Organizing cleanup activities and encouraging volunteer participation creates a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility, ensuring long-term commitment to sustainability.

Conclusion: A Shared Vision for Sustainability

The involvement of O! Millionaire and Oasis Park in the Clean UAE initiative is not just about cleaning deserts; it’s about inspiring communities to take action. Their efforts demonstrate that collaborative, community-driven initiatives can lead to significant environmental improvements.


  1. Great inspiration for our new generation

    1. It is! Thank you for your appreciation, Anas! ?

    2. Planting so much trees for our own benefit is just an awesome initiative nice work

      1. Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you appreciate our tree-planting project. Trees are indeed beneficial for the Earth and for us in many ways. ?

  2. Great initiative clean and green nature. ? ?

    1. We would love to have you join us on this mission, dear. ?

  3. Great initiative keep going team ?

    1. Thank you, dear Jez! ?

  4. “East or West… O! Millionaire is the best.”

  5. This is such a wonderful initiative, and deserves a big round of applause!

  6. Planting trees is a powerful way to contribute to a cleaner, greener world. Wonderful initiative!

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