Oasis Park Celebrates Sheikh Zayed: The Visionary Who Transformed the Desert

Sheikh Zayed


Fifty-two years ago, a visionary embarked on a remarkable journey that would forever change the landscape of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed, the UAE’s founding father, dared to dream of transforming the vast desert landscape into a thriving oasis of life and opportunities. His legacy is not only a testament to his leadership but also a symbol of environmental stewardship that continues to inspire Oasis Park.

Sheikh Zayed’s Visionary Transformation

When Sheikh Zayed became president in 1971, he was faced with a challenging reality: the UAE had only 1,700 hectares of forested areas. Unafraid by this intense task, he gathered experts from across the globe to spearhead the transformation of the UAE’s deserts into lush, green forests. His efforts bore fruit, and by 1993, the UAE proudly boasted 143,000 hectares of man-made forests.

A Legacy That Lives On

Sheikh Zayed’s commitment to greening the desert has left a permanent mark on the country. His vision turned unfruitful lands into vibrant ecosystems, demonstrating that even the most ambitious environmental goals are achievable with determination and leadership. This transformation is not just about planting trees; it’s about creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Oasis Park: Upholding the Green Legacy

On the occasion of the 52nd Union Day of the seven emirates, Oasis Park stands in solidarity with the UAE, celebrating the nation’s foundation laid down by Sheikh Zayed. Our mission at Oasis Park is directly inspired by his green legacy. We aim to plant 60 million trees in arid desert areas across the globe, transforming them into green Oasis Parks powered by renewable energy.

Join the Green Movement

Every week, Oasis Park plants 500 trees in India, and we are excited to extend this initiative to the UAE soon. In the spirit of Union Day and Sheikh Zayed’s enduring vision, we invite you to join us in our mission. O! Millionaire continues to be the major sponsor of Oasis Park. By purchasing an O! Millionaire Green Certificate for as little as 25 dirhams, each person contributes to making our planet greener, one tree at a time.


Sheikh Zayed’s dream of a greener world is more than a memory; it’s a living, breathing reality that continues to inspire and drive environmental initiatives like those at Oasis Park. Let’s honour his legacy by contributing to a sustainable future, ensuring that the UAE’s green transformation continues to flourish. Embrace the vision of Sheikh Zayed. Visit Oasis Park’s website to learn more about our mission and how you can contribute. Purchase your O! Millionaire Green Certificate today and join us in making a significant impact on the environment.


  1. In simple words i would like to say is that : Love you O Millionaire

    1. We love you too! ?

  2. Hi I had purchased a certificate and I was lucky to be a winner.Thankyou Omillionaire

    1. Congratulations on your win, Jez! Best of luck to you on the upcoming draws! ?

  3. I’m proud to be part of Oasis Park’s mission to contribute to a sustainable future shaped by Sheikh Zayed’s inspiring vision for the UAE’s environmental landscape.

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